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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

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What is SEO?

What is Organic SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation, and the term organic is when used in this context, is merely a qualifier to mean the Search Engine Optimisation work has been done in a natural way.

What Does SEO Mean?

Above you have found a literal definition of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), but how would you go about doing SEO, and what results might you get?

SEO is the process of using various techniques to affect the position your website appears in the search rankings on internet search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

What is the Business Benefit of SEO?

You may want to ask why you would want to affect the position of your website on these search engines? A higher position on the search engines rankings for keywords and keyword phrases that are highly relevant to your business could bring more free traffic and visitors to your website or other online web properties.  In turn, if the page that ranks highly in the search engines is optimised correctly for sales conversion, good SEO could bring you more leads and more sales.

How Does SEO Work?

We have already established that SEO is all about getting your web property to rank higher on the search engines.  The primary focus of most SEO consultants’ work is getting your website to rank higher on the Google search engine. Why is most SEO done to enhance a website’s position on Google? Google services 89.76% of all searches done on the internet, as of October 2019. This means all other search engines equate to just over 10% of all searches done. You can see why most of the search engine optimisation is undertaken primarily for the Google search engine platform.

No one outside of Google’s core team of search engine algorithm engineers has a clear and definitive answer to what makes Google rank one web page over another web page on its search engine results pages (SERPs). The best that any SEO company can do is use its experience to guess at what is required to move your web page to the top of Google for any given search term.

The above sounds a bit drastic. Yes, I am telling you that everyone in the search engine optimisation industry is just guessing! However, some are much better at guessing than others. At Effective Business Growth, our guesses are based on years of research, many thousands of experiments, and many tens of thousands of hours invested in training and belonging to some of the world’s top SEO groups and communities that share thoughts, information, and data on what it actually takes to rank on Google.

Good SEO and Top Rankings in Google are reliant on the following:

  • A technically well-architected and effectively interlinked website
  • Excellent and informative on-site content that can be clearly understood by the Google robot
  • A fast website with no significant technical errors that is optimised for users on all forms of devices
  • A website that is established as an entity of the correct type in Google view
  • Pages that are easily read and are concise, with a real purpose
  • Votes (backlinks) to your web pages that are highly relevant in the eyes of Google

There are many more factors that will determine where your webpage ends up on the Google listing; we have only listed the top ones here. These factors can vary from niche to niche and even from keyword to keyword. The art of proper SEO is to know how to define the essential ranking factors in any given circumstance and then optimise the on-page and off-page factors that are likely to help your ranking position.

A significant part of any SEO campaign should be understanding your business goals and aligning your SEO strategy and plan to these goals. This is a step that most search engine optimisation and digital marketing agencies ignore, usually because they are incapable of doing this effectively. This stage of the SEO process should be followed by persona research, motivation research, and keyword identification. Only when all of these stages are complete and the existing sales funnel, online conversion ratios, and profit margins are understood can a fully costed plan be developed.

When you have this SEO plan in place, you will be in a position to document the likely return on investment your business will get from its SEO efforts.

We have a proven process for delivering fast SEO results; this process starts with you requesting our business growth audit.

We offer a free business growth consultation to try to help you understand how digital marketing and technology could help your business get better internet exposure and generate more leads and more sales.  This initial discussion is not only free of charge but without any further commitment from you or your business.  

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