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We will start work on your Audit and Action Plan as soon as we have had the initial call


Thank you for requesting your Audit and Action plan.

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We will telephone you on the number you have provided at the time you have booked in our team diary.

In preparation for this call, it would be most helpful if you could collect together any information you think may be relevant.

We are particularly interested in things like, your business goals, what products you specifically would like to sell more of. We ask you to think about specific products or service as we would like to focus any initial efforts on the products or service that are going to give you the highest profit. These products or services may or may not be the product or service that has the highest margin. As an example, you might have a less profitable product or service that could sell in much higher volumes that would give you a better overall return.

We also need you to identify who are your main competitors, and how you differentiate your business from these key competitor.

Think also about how your customer looks for your products and service currently what kind of words do they use to find you.

Finally, think about what is the maximum amount of new business you can realistically handle.

Think About These Things Before Our Initial Call.


What Are Your Business Goals?


Which Products or Service Would Your Like To Sell More Of?


How Much Additional Business Could You Cope With?


What Terms Do Customers Use To Find You?


Who Are You Key Competitors?


How Do You Distinguish Your Business?


How Many Leads Or Sales Come From Your Website Currently?


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