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Using Search Engine Optimisation Strategy to Help Your Business Grow

“What should be my SEO strategy”, is a question we get asked many times.

The answer is always the same, to define your search engine optimisation strategy; you first need to identify and quantify your business goals and how these align to your overall business strategy.

Typically, SEO strategies are aimed at one of a minimal number of things these include

  • Improve Brand Exposure
  • Improve Brand Reputation
  • Get More Leads
  • Get More Sales
  • Make it Easier for Customers to engage with you and find the help they need.

As an example, an SEO strategy to deliver more leads maybe be very different to and SEO strategy to achieve greater brand awareness or an SEO strategy to provide greater customer satisfaction and support.

Although elements of the deliverables of the SEO campaign might be the same or similar, the actual content and targeting will be vastly different.

  • If your business goal was to grow sales by 100%, let us look at what the SEO strategy might look like for achieving a sales growth of 100%.
  • You would need to complete the following tasks
  • Understand how many sales were made last year and if the business objective was to double the number of sales or double the revenue from sales, or to double the profit or even some other objective. Absolute clarity of the objective is critical at this stage
  • Understand if certain products or services should be prioritised in delivering the objective.
  • Identify the buying personas for the most likely types of customer to buy prioritised services or products.
  • Undertake extensive keyword research as to the types of questions each of these personas might ask at all stages of the buying cycle.
  • Validate keywords and search volumes
  • Decide of you want to prioritise any stages of the buying cycle for any of the given personas
  • Analyse the strength of online competition
  • Write compelling content for the chosen personas and stages of the buying cycle.
  • Optimise the website’s architecture to make authority building easier for this content
  • Identify and solve any on-site or offsite issues that might prevent achieving first page listings possible
  • Identify lead generation and sales conversion ratios
  • Model end to end web search to sales funnels to ensure you can achieve the number of desired sales.
  • Validate Return on investment for chosen keywords
  • Publish additional content
  • Build the authority of the sites and targeted pages
  • Review and retune as required.
  • You will note that the whole of this process is underpinned by hard data, the whole process can be modelled and both costs and ROI balanced theoretically before any commitment is made.

If we contrast this with developing a search engine optimisation strategy for increasing brand awareness, many SEO agencies will say build tons of links with your brand name in them.

This approach could ensure for people searching for your brand name you appear in the number one position in Google.  This is great, but if people are searching for your name in Google, they are already aware of your brand.

We would suggest that rather than appearing for you brand name search you need to appear on the first pages of Google for as many terms as possible where your customers are likely to be searching for the products and services you offer.

What might the SEO Strategy look like in this case?

  1. Identify all the key products and services your customers buy from you
  2. Identify enquirer personas
  3. Identify key competitors
  4. Understand where key competitors get their web traffic from
  5. Where there is direct alignment between the products and services offered by your competitors and your business, develop better more compelling content
  6. Develop content to fill any gaps in the buying cycle left unoccupied by your competitors.
  7. Build the authority of your site so it is higher than the people you are competing with
  8. Build additional authority to targeted pages
  9. Review and retune

Although the two examples of web marketing strategy above have similar elements they are quite different. In the later example we would seriously suggest looking at a wider SEM strategy as SEO targets people look for things (searchers), hence we targeted the type of things they are looking for to position your brand. If people are not searching for the types of things you offer you may need to use disruptive marketing.  In the disruptive marketing category, we would consider such things as close targeting of groups of individuals on LinkedIn, Facebook and other forms of social media. Banner advertising and more traditional offline advertising techniques should also be considered

In summary, your SEO strategy must be dictated by your business strategy and your business goals.

The SEO strategy and plan must be driven by a real understanding of what success looks like when achieving these goals. The achievement of the goal must have an identifiable financial benefit.  When you have all of this information in places can you map out a digital marketing strategy which may or not include an SEO strategy?

Don’t put the cart before the horse. We believe this is why so many SEO projects get cancelled or the SEO consultants get canned and business become disillusioned with SEO.

Seo Strategy developmentAlways have clear goals and clear KPI’s that align with the business strategy and have a clear roadmap of timescales for achieving key part of the SEO plan.

  • Organic Search Traffic achieved through Seo (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Social Posting
  • Blogging
  • Guest Posting
  • Article Sites
  • PR / News Site
  • PPC Advertising
  • Banner Advertising
  • Solo Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Off-Line Advertising
  • Affiliate Programmes and Referal Traffic
  • Blog Commenting
  • Forum Posting and Commenting
  • Direct Traffic
  • Youtube and other Video Platforms
  • Quora and other Q7A Sites
  • Directories
  • Podcasts
  • Help A Reporter (Haro)
  • Radio and TV
  • Conferences, Meetup and Networking
  • Promote free Webinars
  • Bookmarking
  • Photo Sites
  • Kindle Book / Apple Book Publishing

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