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Search Enginbe Marketing (SEM) & Advertising Services?

SEO What are Search Engine Marketing and Advertising services?

It is a range of services designed to get more traffic to your website. These can take many forms and may include some of the following:

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation &  Marketing)
  2. PPC Advertising
  3. Banner Advertising
  4. Blogging
  5. Social Publishing
  6. Video Blogging

For the full list of applicable means of getting more traffic to your website, click the Getting More Traffic to Your Website link.

Many potential clients come to us, stating they want some form of search engine marketing or advertising service. When we start to dig deeper, they presuppose the solution to a much broader problem. We have found from historic engagements with previous clients that what they want to achieve is one or more of the following objectives that are generally aligned closer to a core business objective.

These broader business issues break down into the following categories:

  1. Improve the business or product reputation online or increase brand exposure.
  2. Gain more sales and qualified leads via their online presence.
  3. Make more sales via their online efforts.
  4. Improve customer services and/or perception.

Think for a moment: Did your search for SEO, PPC, social, or a host of other things bring you to our website to help you try to achieve one of the above items? If it did, then you have already taken a big step forward, as you are now in the position of the beginning of your journey to better understand your business goal and develop an online SEO strategy to achieving this goal or goal set.

The next step in the process we use to help you achieve your online goals is helping you understand what this goal may look and feel like. We seek to flesh out the goal and quantify the value of achieving it in terms of the bottom-line profit to your business. At the same time, we undertake a full analysis of how this goal could be achieved and what the strategy and associated cost of achieving your goal or goals are likely to be.

When this information is collated, we can then give you a full cost plan that defines the return on investment that you are likely to get from executing the plan.

You can then make a business decision if this is an achievable and worthwhile investment for your business.

We offer a free business growth consultation to try to help you understand how digital marketing and technology could help your business get better internet exposure and generate more leads and more sales.  This initial discussion is not only free of charge but without any further commitment from you or your business.  

Adrian Tatum our Managing Director, who has helped many other businesses to deliver business growth through the use of online technologies will personally conduct this one to one session.

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