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Growing Your Sales with an Effective Sales and Marketing Startegy

Making sales is commonly stated as the “lifeblood of any commercial organisation”.

Indeed, without repeat customers or finding new customers, your organisation is doomed to fail.

To equip the members of your salesforce with the tools that they need, consider that they must be able to clearly articulate the value of the proposition as well as unique selling points for your organisation and the products that they are trying to sell.

Sales Strategy for growthYour sales team also must be able to identify the progress or problem that the customer is looking to make or resolve and help the customer understand the implications of this.

Marketing should play a large part in the identification and articulation in both the company value propositions and the individual value propositions for each of the products being sold. Marketing should be able to help identify the types of customers that your salespeople should be targeting and the distinct messaging elements for each group of customers.

All of the above should clearly align with and support the company’s overall business goals.

Most organisations look to their marketing department to support the overall sales strategy by not only doing all of the above but also by providing sales-qualified leads.

An effective sales strategy should not rely entirely on all of the sales leads coming from the efforts of marketing-lead generation and advertising.  It is essential that part of the sales strategy encourages the sales teams to do their own prospecting. If your sales remuneration plan does not promote the types of behaviours you need to create in order to succeed, and the likelihood is that your overall sales strategy will fail.

In order to equip your salesforce, it is advisable to get them all signing the same page, articulating the companies unique selling proposition and product value proposition in the same way, and using similar sales methodologies, CRM systems and pipeline management systems.

If your salesforce is capable of prospecting independently, articulating value to the customer, dealing with customer objections, closing sales and staying motivated, you have largely dealt with the key elements of your sales strategy.

Marketing is by far the best way of increasing sales pipelines.  Digital marketing and Search Engine Optimisation as part of an effective digital marketing strategy is by far the best way of ensuring your sales pipeline is constantly topped up with hungry buyers.

When developing a digital marketing strategy, the sales strategy should be examined, and, together, these two strategic areas should combine to ensure the overall goals and strategies of the business are achieved in a timely fashion.

For more information on defining digital marketing strategies, click the hyperlink in the paragraph.

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