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How Will Corona Virus Affect Your Business?

Web searches plummet for most products and services, will your digital strategy leave your business in a better place when we start to bounce back?


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Stop Wasting Your Money On Some Forms Of Digital Marketing During the Crisis 

What impact will the coronavirus, aka COVID-19, have on your online business and your digital marketing?

Quite rightly, there is a great deal of information in the media about the health and social impacts of coronavirus, but what impact will it have on your sales and the traffic coming to your website?

So far we have seen a decrease in search volumes for most buying terms that are not related to COVID-19. I say ‘not related’ as search volumes on terms such as ‘face masks’ have soared, as you can see from the Google trends information on a worldwide basis, displayed below. Similar trends can be seen on many terms that can be classed as related to this virus in some way.

Whereas a search term like ‘cooker’ has seen a gradual decrease.

It is my opinion that as coronavirus takes a greater global hold, this decrease in non-related searches will become more pronounced. This means non-related websites will see less traffic, despite maintaining similar search engine ranking positions.

With visitor numbers decreasing during the coronavirus crisis, most businesses should consider increasing their digital marketing efforts.  Again, I will clarify the term ‘most businesses’.

I would exclude any companies with products that will not sell during this crisis period, for example, those in travel and holiday industries during this period is very unlikely, as we do not know when travel restrictions will End.

Although I would exclude these company types, I would only advise them to consider modifying where they spend digital marketing budgets. There is very little point spending money on cost per impression or cost per click advertising at this point, as buyer intent is not prevalent at the current time for this sector type.

If businesses will continue to invest in digital marketing during these uncertain times then switching budgets to improve natural search engine ranking positions will always pay dividends.

Consider if any form of marketing investment is worthwhile during this period, especially if your company is seeing decreased revenue as a result of coronavirus.

If your company is going to invest in digital marketing during this period, I suggest focusing on the vital elements of search engine optimisation.

I make this suggestion not out of self-interest, as my organisation offers all forms of digital marketing. I believe investing in SEO at this time could pay dividends both by harvesting the decreasing number of people searching and by making your website ready for when we start to recover from the coronavirus crisis.

Switching funds to improve your natural search engine ranking positioning is never a bad investment. It is, however, essential you work with a company that can help you define the correct strategy and implement the strategy, as well as commit to delivering the ROI they identify during the project’s analysis stage. During these times, if you adopt this approach you could gain a real competitive advantage.

When working with my organisation, we take the time to understand your business goals. We believe this is essential, as we also help you define an SEO strategy that will give you the quickest possible return on investment.

To find out more about the approach that has delivered up to 1023 times return on monies invested and has revolutionised lead generation and sales outcomes for our customers, please contact us.








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