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1st page of googleWhen looking to grow your online presence to improve brand recognition, increase the number of visitors to your website, create more leads from your target audience and make more sales, many SEO agencies will tell you ranking on the first page of Google is all you need to do.

The same SEO companies promise the earth and often do not deliver additional value to your bottom line, let alone a decent return on investment (ROI).

 We urge any potential buyers of SEO, PPC or SEM services first to quantify what their business goals are.

Is your goal really to rank on the first page of Google? It could be if all you want is bragging rights amongst your competitors.

Getting your website to rank on the first page of Google means your website domain name, title and description will get more impressions than if you did not rank on the first page of Google. This might help with brand recognition but little else.

Unless the right sort of web searchers click on your Google or Bing listing entry, you do not get to present your services or your product offerings; no one ever sees your web pages.

Your website must both rank for the keyword phrases that are likely to drive sales to your business and convince the Google or Bing searchers to click on your entry in the search listings.

If your listing is in position one on Google’s listings, people are more likely to click on it before clicking on any other websites listed.  Your Google listing must be suitable for Google’s algorithm and compelling to your potential customers. By achieving a search listing that is high on page one of Google, is ideal for Google’s algorithm, and is persuasive for your potential customers, you will get additional traffic to your site.

Next, you need the traffic to stay on your site, reading your content and taking some form of action that either compels them to buy something or demonstrate that they have entered your sales and nurturing funnel.

Things such as having an attractive page that instantly aligns with what they clicked through from in your search listing and having videos and photos will help.

People come to websites looking for something, more often than not, or they come to find answers to the questions they have.

Here is a big wake up call: people coming to your website are not interested in you, your company, how long your company has been established, what the MD’s favourite colour is, or what services you offer!

They are interested in their issues, how you can help them solve those issues, and what the costs of resolving their problems will be.

Many factors can ensure you never make a sale or get a lead from your website. At Effective Business Growth, although we use SEO as part of our overall strategy to achieve your goals, we are not just an SEO company.

We start validating whether we believe we can help your business grow by delivering an Online Business Growth  Audit. This is not a traditional SEO audit. Rather, it addresses everything you might need to consider to get more leads and sales from your website.

Typically, your Online Business Growth Audit will include the following


Clarification of Your Business Goals and Key Performance indicators

Exploration  of the Customer-Buying Cycle and Advice on Targeting

Competitor Analysis

Technical Website Audit

Keyword Audit and Recommendations

On Page Audit and Recommendations

Conversion and Call To Action Audit and Recommendations

Customer-Centric Website Audit

Action Plan (immediate, Medium Term and Long Term)

We undertake Online Business Growth Audits before we agree to work with any new prospective client.

An audit takes us several staff days to put together, and, if you purchase it from us, it will cost you £2,499. The good news is that we do this free of charge without any financial commitment from you. Does it sound too good to be true?

We ask only a couple of things from you:

  1. You agree to spend a short time on the phone with us so we can understand what you are trying to achieve and what the value of achieving these goals might be for your business.
  2. You agree to get the right people on a live online meeting where we will present the result of the Online Growth Audit.
  3. If you like what we present, independent of whether or not we agree to work together in the future, you will do a review on our Google My Business page.

We offer a free business growth consultation to try to help you understand how digital marketing and technology could help your business get better internet exposure and generate more leads and more sales.  This initial discussion is not only free of charge but without any further commitment from you or your business.  

Adrian Tatum our Managing Director, who has helped many other businesses to deliver business growth through the use of online technologies will personally conduct this one to one session.

To book your discussion please press the button to your right.

Recent Testimonials

We at SevenHolidays have now worked with Effective Business Growth (EBG) for over two years, during this time we have worked together to redevelop our website, making it more customer centric and ensuring it gets more visitors and then converts web browsers to real holiday booking enquiries.

Before working with EBG our site did not really rank at all. We knew we were in a very comepetive industry and although we had the best content on the Maldvices we did not have the kind of budgets that large operators like Thomas Cook and Kunoi had,  by working together with EBG we developed a very cost effective SEO Strategy that really delivered for our business.

At the suggestion of EBG we also repurposed the website content to produce a  a Best Selling Kindle Guide available from the Amazon store, this still drives tarffic back to our website and has seen additional growth in holiday bookings.

The team at EBG has worked tirelessly to achieve multiple number one keyword rankings for our website and these convert better than ever before into new clients and sales.

We are very excited and cannot recommend Effective Business Growth highly enough, It is very rare to find technical people with quite so much commercial knowledge and business skills.

Adrian Neville

CEO, Seven Holidays


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