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  • SEO Birmingham

  • Effective Business Growth delivers SEO consultancy to businesses in Birmingham and throughout the West Midlands. We rank websites on the first page of Google so your business gets more exposure, traffic and customers.

    Web and internet technology has, in a short number of years, developed into one of the biggest sources of new traffic, visitors and potential customers for all businesses. Yet many businesses in the West Midlands are not fully exploiting this.


    If your Birmingham based business manages to harness this traffic new orders, sales and profits will flow.

    The times of using the telephone book to look for business have long passed by and even a business like yellow pages also has an internet presence.

    People go directly to the net and the majority of these individuals go directly to the Google browser to browse for any new items they don’t know effective ways to get. On occasion these guys will work with other product online sites like eBay or Amazon , but the majority of searching is now done on the web.

    For these reasons alone no business wishing to succeed and develop can afford to not have a marketing strategy that includes a solid section on search engine optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

    You will identify when one come to examine return on Investment that Pound for Pound, there is no better investment you can make in your enterprise marketing than a good effective SEO service