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What is Local SEO And How Might it Apply to Local Companies?

Local SEO is search engine optimisation that is focused on ranking websites for services or products that are delivered on a local basis in the key search engines like Google and Bing.

We are approached several times a week by potential clients that say something like this, “ I want to rank number one on Google for the word Plumber”

You can change the word plumber for electrician, hairdresser, nail salon, dentist, grander and pretty much anything you might want locally.

Our response is always the same and goes something like this “that is great an I am sure we can get you there, however can I just validate your request, are you a national Plumber?”
The answer is always no. we then validate that they are not either looking to become a national or regional company and are not looking to sell leads on to other geographically located plumbers.

At this point the conversation comes around to local SEO.
Where prospective clients are looking to sell their products or services in a limited geographical region often local search engine optimisation is the best options, although PPC should also be considered