Previously I wrote detailing critical digital marketing strategies you can use to help your business during and after coronavirus crisis.  If you missed it see  here.This week I am going to take a more in-depth look at “Getting More Traffic” to your website.


Why Rank Highly On Google?

Google accounts for nearly 92% of all search traffic on the internet. The next biggest  is Bing  accounting for roughly 2.5%, all other search engines pale into insignificance.

If your business is mainly reliant on natural search traffic, Google’s dominance of the search market is why your business must rank highly on the first page of Google.


How Much Traffic Will My Website Get If I Rank On Google?

The number of visitors you will get if you rank in any given position on Google is determined by two things;

  1. The total volume of people searching for any given term.
  2. The percentage of the people searching that click-through to your website. The percentage varies radically from position one on page one getting lower and lower the further down googles rankings you feature.

Getting More trafficThe first of these can vary widely dependent on the popularity of the search term. Terms with more words generally have less search volume but often provide more qualified buyers, e.g. “widgets” would have a much higher search volume than “red oval widgets”.

Percentage Click-Through Rate varies by term from niche to niche. Roughly if you rank at number 1 on Google, you might expect to get 32% of the available search traffic go to to your site. Whereas if your listing was in position 10 on Google’s rankings you might expect to get around 3% of the traffic.

If your business does not appear on the first page of Google, you urgently need good SEO help!

Let’s look at the search term “divorce solicitor”. It has about 250 people looking for it a month in the UK.


Number 1  position would give you 80 visitors to your site a month. i.e. 250 potential searches x 32%)

10th position ranking would give you 7.5 visitors to your site a month from this term, i.e. 250 potential searches x 3%)

Being in 1st position gives you over 10 times the number of visitors than the 10th position.

Search Engine Optimisation will, if done correctly move your businesses listings from its’ current position to a higher position, potentially the 1st position in Google, this will always deliver more visitors to your website.


Caution When Considering SEO.

Before you all rush out to rank your sites higher on Google for your trophy keywords. I urge a note of caution.

SEO can, in some circumstances, cost a great deal of money. However getting SEO done correctly is the most effective digital marketing investment you can make and can provide a very high rate of return.

At Effective Business Growth, we take great care to work out the potential cost of moving you up the rankings and then balance this against the ROI you are likely to get.

Some agencies never work this out, let alone share their findings with their clients.

If your agency does not explain the ROI scenarios for a variety of keywords, you as a business owner can’t make sound business decisions.

When looking to recruit SEO help, find a company that can not only calculate the likely ROI but can also find buyer intent keywords to target your SEO efforts wisely, thus ensuring they deliver a good ROI and your business goals.

I have attempted to shed more light on the impact good SEO can have on your business. Imagine for a minute that you got 10 times the number of sales, what would that do for your business?

Getting a prospects to your website does not guarantee you will get ten times the number of sales.

If the webpage you send the prospect to does not have a clear and compelling call to action and is not optimised to get your customer to convert, you may get no new customers at all.

However, if the page is correctly optimised to guide the prospect through a structured buying process, you could exponentially increase the number of sales your business makes.

I will deal with optimising the customer buying thought process, and how to reflect this on your page in the next post.

In my next post I will show you how you can optimise pages to increase conversion by many hundreds of percentage points.

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