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Causation of Duplicate Content

Can duplicate content get your website penalised?

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content refers to large chunks or blocks of text or content that appear more than once either on a single website or across multiple websites.

Duplicate content can be caused by several different means including the following.

  1. URL variations
  2. HTTP vs. HTTPS or WWW vs. non-WWW pages
  3. Scraped or copied content

By far the largest causation is item three above, many webmasters rather than reference another websites content just copy and paste it to keep web visitors on their own site rather than encouraging them to leave their site.

Her are some facts according to people who have quoted Google as their source of information

Many great posts have been published by Googlers. I’m going to give you a summary of the best parts, but I recommend reading over the posts as well.

Duplicate content doesn’t cause your site to be penalized.

Googlers are likely to only consider and rank the first instance of a piece of content they find, especially if this is accredited to a recognised authority author on the subject matter. 

Google is unlikely to penalise a site for having an instance of duplicate content on it, however of the site is largely made up on duplicate or thin content then the site may incur a site wide penalty and even be classed as a spam site.

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